We offer a flexible, customized approach to all your business growth objectives. Call us now! We will be pleased to help you secure profitable new customer relationships.


    If you wish to add to your workforce or you are eying a new locality for which you require new people or perhaps you have just discovered a new sales geography and wish to see the market review first, make that life-changing decision of contacting us today.


    More and more companies are gradually learning that outsourcing their marketing team can be game changing for them. Actually, doing so provides them with access to a more competent professional team, takes out the costs of housing an internal department, and gives them the ability to get all sub-disciplines from a single source which adds significant value to the company.

    With years of combined sales and marketing experience, our skilled team can help your business realize and expand its revenue goals.


    Selling retail calls for a different mindset than that of selling over the phone. However, many business owners do not know how to tailor their sales tactics to their customers. From campaign development to implementation and delivery, we offer a comprehensive suite of retail sales services and approaches modified to your sector and business growth objectives.

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We identify potential clients, then build and develop relationships with them on behalf of your business. Quality of sale and the professionalism of the conversation are our top priorities and your brand will be represented with integrity throughout all our interactions.

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Due to our industry experience, we are in a better position to assemble a team much faster than businesses forming their own team from scratch. We are able, therefore, to get the name of your service or product out there much faster compared to businesses who wish to start their own team structure.

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We know that great talent is the foundation for all thriving companies and our key recruitment objective is to assist businesses to build teams that will drive long-lasting prolific achievements. We strive for a workplace that is inspiring, cheerful, and encouraging with a focus on providing opportunity and development. These key values empower our team to drive value for our clients and make BMG Consulting Inc a great place to work.


Direct marketing includes an array of sales models such as group presentations or one-on-one selling at a variety of locations. We collaborate with our clients to create recognition and brand awareness among targeted customers by directly selling the services and products to end-users.

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    Whether it be trade shows or retail stores we have got you covered. We are devoted to clearly communicating the benefits of our client’s services or products to prospective customers. Face to face has many benefits because of the nature of the interaction. As the customers are dealing with a representative in front of them where they feel more comfortable and their questions can be directly answered, the probability of closing a deal is increased.

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    For many businesses who dream of venturing into retail, a kiosk can be a cost-effective possibility. Let us help you gain a fairly traceable sales figure via your kiosks.

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    Face-to-face marketing is an engaging and effective way to interact with clients. Human interaction and guided conversations can educate and instigate a response and therefore close a deal.

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