Direct Marketing Company with a strong focus on Customer Acquisition and Face To Face Marketing

Who We Are

BMG Consulting Inc was founded in 2010 by Alex Bayat. The company initially took root in Toronto, Canada, and has since expanded its operations to Kansas City, Missouri.

We're an American firm dedicated to boosting client revenues with creative and effective solutions. Our journey has been marked by building enduring relationships with the businesses we represent, aiding them in enhancing their brand image as if it were our own.

In a world where business landscapes change rapidly, we understand the criticality of seizing market opportunities as they arise. Our portfolio includes collaborations with diverse companies, including prestigious Fortune 500 names, all with the common goal of achieving their revenue targets. We're excited about the prospect of partnering with you, ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks. Our commitment to aligning our ambitions with your outsourcing needs paves the way for a mutually beneficial and sustainable growth partnership.

Our Team's Role in Your Success

The cornerstone of our success is our team – a group of enthusiastic and skilled professionals who are wholeheartedly invested in our client's success. We foster an environment that not only nurtures talent but also encourages extraordinary outcomes. This approach has enabled our team to consistently deliver value to our customers, making BMG Consulting Inc a remarkable place to work and grow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver customizable solutions that profoundly impact your business. We focus on providing quick, measurable returns on investment while enhancing your competitive edge.

Our Vision

BMG Consulting Inc aspires to be a leading name in the outsourced service industry. Our vision extends beyond the American market, with ambitions to expand into Europe. Over the next decade, we aim to establish over 100 operational offices across America and Europe.

Our Values

At BMG Consulting Inc, we cherish and cultivate a work environment conducive to the growth and achievement of every team member. We see each member as an individual and part of our larger family. Our ethos is grounded in fostering cooperation, where individuals collectively strive towards shared objectives.

  • Integrity

  • Resilience

  • Opportunity

  • High Energy

  • Loyalty

  • Accountability

  • Personal Growth

  • Initiative

  • Transparency

  • Family

Alex Bayat

Alex Bayat

Founder & President of BMG Consulting Inc

Alex Bayat is a visionary leader with over 15 years of experience in direct marketing and management. His journey in the industry began in Toronto, Canada, where he honed his skills under the mentorship of renowned industry leaders. This foundation led him to establish BMG Consulting Inc in 2010, a company that has since grown to become a significant player in the sales and marketing sector. Alex's leadership has been instrumental in expanding the company's reach from its Canadian roots to a dynamic presence in Kansas City, Missouri.

Beyond his professional achievements, Alex embodies a philosophy of continuous learning and an active lifestyle. He is passionate about outdoor activities such as hiking, rugby, boxing, and golf, reflecting his energetic and dynamic approach to business. Alex also values personal development, dedicating time to reading and gaming, which he believes enhances his strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. His leadership style is characterized by a commitment to fostering a culture of teamwork, innovation, and personal growth within BMG Consulting Inc, ensuring that both the company and its team members thrive under his guidance.

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BMG Consulting Inc

is an outsourced sales and marketing firm that offers sales, marketing careers, job opportunities, business development and consulting, leadership development, and more across Kansas City, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.